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If you are an incoming Erasmus student please go to this page.

If you have any questions concerning AGRONOMY courses, please contact alena.hooperova@mendelu.cz, equally you can follow and ask questions via our FACEBOOK PAGE.


International students are welcome to apply for studies at the Faculty of Agronomy.

Faculty of Agronomy at present offers study at three levels:

  • bachelor - B.Sc. (3- year study for students who completed their secondary education)

  • master - M.Sc. (2-year study for students who completed their bachelor's studies) ONE IN ENGLISH

  • doctoral - Ph.D. (3-year study for students who graduated from a master's degree program) NINE IN ENGLISH

Most studies at the Faculty of Agronomy are in Czech language only.

In English, we offer:

  • one follow-on programme at the Master level
  • Agricultural Engineering

  • nine programmes at the Doctoral level:

    • Agricultural Chemistry

    • Molecular Biology and Genetics of Animals

    • Plant Anatomy and Physiology

    • Applied Bioclimatology

    • Applied and Landscape Ecology

    • Technology and Agricultural Machinery

    • General Animal Breeding

    • General Plant Production

    • Special Plant Production

    Studies in English are paid.

For more information on studies in English, please see the section "Full-time Study in English".

You'll find information on individual study programmes in the University Information System once the summer term is open for registration.

Brief Information on the Application Process

If you want to study at the Faculty of Agronomy in Czech, please read the information in the "Admission Procedure" section of this website. In any case, the application must be submitted in electronic form, which is done at this link: Faculty of Agronomy application (the deadline is 30/3/2015 after this deadline please contact the responsible person directly at: hooperov@mendelu.cz) and sent to the Faculty address in paper form with attachments (nostrification of secondary education). The deadline is the end of March. The deadline for return of contracts: April 30th, 2015. Deadline for payment of tuition: May 15th, 2015.

Generally the requirements are as follows:

Master Studies:


Students are admitted based on admission conditions. In order to study for a Master degree, you need to have a completedd university education with a Bachelor degree. As part of the admission process you will submit nostrified documents proving your Bachelor degree is identical to a Czech bachelor diploma.

The nostrification takes time, please make sure you have all sufficient documentation in time to register into studies.

You will have to produce:

  • Officially verified copy of a diploma, certificate or a similar paper proving your due completion of university studies issued by a foreign university
  • Officially verified copy of diploma supplement and/or an officially verified copy of transcript of records
  • Both documents must be officially (by translators registered with court) translated to Czech (if originally issued in English, the authority may waver this requirement)
  • Filled in application for nostrification
  • You need to have an apostille in case of countries who are signatories of the Hague Treaty, verification is simpler . Other countries - superlegalisation.

Official translation is carried out by a sworn translated registered by court, their list can be downloaded from the Ministry of Justice webpages (odkaz do nového oknahttp://www.justice.cz -- ostatní znalci a tlumočníci).

Nostrification takes 30 days, in case of complications or further queries may take as many as 60 days.

For information on nostrification at the MENDELU please contact by Ing. Veronika Antošová at veronika.antosova@mendelu.cz.

As a Faculty we are not part to the nostrification process and it is up to you to collect all the necessary documents, have them translated, contact the authority and present the nostrification certificate to us in time to be admitted to study!

Doctoral Studies:

    All students who apply for doctoral programmes need to pass an entrance exam. Out of the total number of 13 doctoral programmes, nine are accreditted in English, however, since doctoral studies are based rather on an individual approach of the supervisor to the student, there are more possibilities for international students. Please take a look at the list of Departments here:
    You will be able to find information there on the research done by particular Departments and by their staff. You may find it useful to write an e-mail to a teacher that deals with the same issue that you are interested in and ask them about the possibility of their supervising your dissertation.

    As any other citizens of Brno you will have to pay waste collection duty. Please read this information produced by Brno City authorities.

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    This site offers basic information for international students.

    For questions e-mail Ms Alena Hooperova at hooperov@mendelu.cz