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Information for International Students

This webpage informs foreign students applying to study at the Faculty of Agronomy.

The International Department of the Faculty of Agronomy displays up-to-date information also at its facebook profile.

Information about accomodation, living costs etc. can be found at the Mendelu webpage.

If you want to study as an Erasmus student please go to this page.

International students are welcome to apply for studies at the Faculty of Agronomy.

Faculty of Agronomy at present offers study at two levels:

  • bachelor - Bc. (3- year study for students who completed their secondary education)

  • doctoral - Ph.D. (3-year study for students who graduated from a master's degree program)

Most studies at the Faculty of Agronomy are in Czech language only.

In English, we offer:

  • one programme at the Bachelor level:

    • General Agriculture

  • eight programmes at the Doctoral level:

    • Agricultural Chemistry

    • Molecular Biology and Genetics of Animals

    • Plant Anatomy and Physiology

    • Applied Bioclimatology

    • Applied and Landscape Ecology

    • Technology and Agricultural Machinery

    • General Animal Breeding

    • General Plant Production

    Studies in English are paid.

For more information on studies in English, please see the section "Full-time Study in English".

You'll find information on individual study programmes in the University Information System once the summer term is open for registration.

The following information applies especially to international applicants from Africa, Asia and South America:

If you are an international studet wishing to study in the Czech Republic but are not fluent in Czech, you may apply for a scholarship that is offered by the Czech Government to particular countries. The best way to find out if there is an agreement between your country and the Czech Republic regarding these sholarships is to ask either at your Ministry of Education or at the Czech Embassy in your country. You'll find the list of Czech Embassies here.

If there is an agreement between your country and the Czech Republic, the process is as follows:

  • You apply for the scholarship at your government/ministry.

  • You are among the best applicants and your government chooses you to be sent to study in the Czech Republic.

  • You are sent to the Czech Republic to study Czech language for one year. There is the "Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies" that is part of Charles University in Prague in which international students study Czech for one year and at the end of that year they apply for studies at a Czech university as preferred by each of them.

  • The Institute has several branches in a number of Czech towns; since you want to study agriculture, you will be sent most probably to the Study Centre in the town of Marianske Lazne.

  • At the end of your stay in Podebrady you will fill in an application form for Mendel University. Hopefully you will be chosen for the the full-time studies here. See below for short info on the application process.

If there is no agreement between your country and the CR, or if you are not chosen by your government for the scholarship programme, please read the following:

The following information applies to all international applicants:

Students from all over the world are welcome at the Faculty of Agronomy. However, the Faculty only offers study programmes in the Czech language. If you do not speak Czech but are willing to learn it, it is advisable to study it at the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies. The institute offers courses of the Czech language not only to applicants that were granted a scholarship (see above) but also to all private students that pay a fee for the lessons.

Definitely, it is cheaper to pay for one year of studying the Czech language and then be able to study in Czech for free at any Czech university, than to study at a University in English and to pay a fee for those studies for five years.

Brief Information on the Application Process

If you want to study at the Faculty of Agronomy in Czech, please read the information in the "Admission Procedure" section of this website. In any case, the application must be submitted in electronic form, which is done at this link: Faculty of Agronomy application and sent to the Faculty address in paper form with attachments (nostrification of secondary education). The deadline is the end of March.

Generally the requirements are as follows:

Bachelor Studies:


    Students are admitted based on their study results at a secondary education institution (e.g. a high school). We will need a nostrification of your documents from that institution (report / certificate / diploma) - it could be done e.g. by the Regional Authority of the South Moravian Region, please contact Mrs. Kostrhůnová at: e-mail: kostrhunova.dagmar@kr-jihomoravsky.cz.

    The nostrification is a long a complicated process, please reserve time for completion of all necessary documentation. The actual nostrification process takes mandatory 30 days but you need to first gather all necessary documentation which differs from country to country.

    You will have to produce:

    • the original and verified copy of final certificate (diploma) that certifies completion of the secondary education
    • prove the content and scope of the study where you gained your secondary education which usually means a list of all passed subjects in the course of the secondary education called subject plan or list of subjects or transcript of records. This plan must contain all subjects and numbers of lessons assigned to each subject and total number of years taught as part of the secondary education.

All the above documents have to be legalized, i.e. the authenticity of signatures and stamps as well as the fact the school has been established and is recognized in the country where the documents are produced, they must be verified by the ministry of foreign affairs of the state where the school has an address and by the pertinent embassy or representation of the Czech Republic for this particular state unless an international treaty stipulates otherwise. In case of countries who are signatories of the Hague Treaty, verification is simpler - apostille.

All the above documents have to be translated to Czech language by an official interpretor (registered in the list of experts and interpretors of the Czech Republic).

Administration fee charged for the nostrification is CZK1000 and apart from your passport you will also need to have in you a copy of the passport and copy of the proof of accomodation.

As a Faculty we are not part to the nostrification process and it is up to you to collect all the necessary documents, have them translated, contact the authority and present the nostrification certificate to us in time to be admitted to study!

Since there are no entrance exams and since there are differences in what is studied at secondary education schools around the world, the Dean of the Faculty reserves the right to interview an international student before admitting them for studies. If there is such an interview, probably the most important criterion will be your abilities to understand and speak Czech.

Master Continuing Studies:

    If you finish the bachelor studies at the Faculty of Agronomy successfully, you will be admitted to the master continuing studies automatically.

    If you apply directly to the master continuing studies, you will need to sit an entrance examination. The exams differ according to the study programme you want to study. At any rate, the exam is to certify that your level of knowledge equals that of students who finished the studies at the Faculty of Agronomy at the bachelor level.

Doctoral Studies:

    All students who apply for doctoral programmes need to pass an entrance exam. Out of the total number of 13 doctoral programmes, only three are accreditted in English, however, since doctoral studies are based rather on an individual approach of the supervisor to the student, there are more possibilities for international students. Please take a look at the list of Departments here:
    You will be able to find information there on the research done by particular Departments and by their staff. You may find it useful to write an e-mail to a teacher that deals with the same issue that you are interested in and ask them about the possibility of their supervising your dissertation.

    As any other citizens of Brno you will have to pay waste collection duty. Please read this information produced by Brno City authorities.

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